complément alimentaire cheval
CBD-based horse feed supplement

If you have a horse, you must first ensure its good health. Because, as robust as they seem, equines are very sensitive animals. Thus, in addition to regular veterinary consultations, Natural Shelter recomme...

anti inflammatoire pour chat
Use CBD as an anti-inflammatory for your cat

You have decided to adopt a cat at home, you certainly show a particular affection for this type of feline. This approach will be beneficial to you, according to psychologists. Indeed, these attest that the ...

calmant cheval CBD
Prefer CBD as a tranquilizer for your horse

By adopting a horse, you certainly hope for an excellent bond with your companion. Before being competitive animals, equines are very endearing and faithful beings. However, you may sometimes notice aggressi...

Anti inflamatoire pour cheval
Natural anti-inflammatory for horses based on CBD

Your horse can contract pathologies likely to cause inflammatory pain. Under these conditions, the performance of the equine will decrease and it will become less cooperative. You must therefore have him con...

Anti douleur cheval
Using CBD as a Horse Painkiller

To earn the title of rider, you must take care of your horse's well-being. This also conditions its good performance during equestrian competitions, training or your walks. From the first symptoms, you must ...

lapin stress CBD
Relieve your stressed rabbit by administering CBD oil

If you have a rabbit at home, you are one of the many admirers of this cute and very sociable little rodent. However, you must provide him with healthy living conditions and react promptly to any behavioral ...

Douleur abdominale chien CBD
Relieve Your Dog's Abdominal Pain With CBD Oil

Dogs are man's best companions. They know how to be endearing, loyal and protective. As resistant as he seems, your dog can contract certain ailments that can totally weaken him if you do not take the approp...

Cheval stress CBD
Relax your stressed horse with CBD oil

Stress manifests itself in both humans and animals. However, in the latter case, you must quickly take care of your animal. Especially, when it comes to equines which are reputed to be very sensitive despite...

Cheval Cancer CBD
Relieve a horse with cancer with CBD oil

If you have adopted a horse out of passion or to participate in equestrian competitions, you surely want to take care of it. Indeed, in addition to providing him with a balanced diet and impeccable personal ...

Cheval agressif CBD
Calm Your Aggressive Horse Using CBD Oil

If you own a horse, you are certainly proud of the bond that exists between you and your animal. However, it is possible that your horse suddenly becomes less cooperative or that it no longer supports the pr...

CBD pour animaux
What are the benefits of CBD on animals?

Like human beings, animals also have a right to well-being. Reason why you must preserve the health of your little companions. So, in addition to veterinary care, you should consider natural alternatives lik...

Huile de CBD Cheval
Fight pain in your equine with CBD oil for horses

Horses are very active animals, however, despite their apparent resistance, equines are very sensitive to pain. They can feel them, following the various activities mentioned above. While waiting for a veter...