lapin stress CBD

Relieve your stressed rabbit by administering CBD oil

If you have a rabbit at home, you are one of the many admirers of this cute and very sociable little rodent. However, you must provide him with healthy living conditions and react promptly to any behavioral problems. If you notice any abnormal behaviors, they may mean that your rabbit is stressed.

So, if so, how do you calm a stressed rabbit? You must have it examined by a veterinarian in order to carry out a diagnosis and administer appropriate treatment. In addition, apart from the care provided, you can strengthen his immune system with a food supplement based on CBD. Indeed, this molecule extracted from medical hemp is appreciated for its relaxing effects.

For this to be so, you must obtain it from a supplier offering quality products. Natural Shelter is a brand specializing in the development of sublingual CBD oils for animals. Our objective is to provide pets eligible for the consumption of cannabidiol with the benefits of cannabidiol.

With this in mind, we have established partnerships with veterinarians and animal owners to offer you food supplements that are truly adapted to the needs of your rabbit. Besides, why still trust us?

We guarantee you 100% natural CBD products

Your rabbit is stressed, what to do? At the house of Natural Shelter, we are convinced that the solution lies in the use of a CBD-based product. Because the anxiety of which your animal often results from a physiological reaction. This results in muscle tension caused by external factors such as caging, repeated intrusions by other animals on its territory and its frequent movements from one place to another.

The substance extracted from hemp will then interact with the rabbit endocannabinoid system, recognized as the seat of all his emotions. The CBD then acts on its neurons and optimizes the functioning of the muscles. From the above, we have understood that the food supplements must then contain exclusively natural ingredients so as not to further deteriorate the animal's state of health.

To this end, our oily CBD-based galenics do not contain any synthetic substances. Even better, our products are devoid of THC, a hemp molecule prohibited for its psychotropic effects. Therefore, as soon as your rabbit has stress-related diarrhea, you can use our oils to quickly restore his well-being. However, try to respect the dosage recommended by our services: it is indeed 2 mg per kilo and per day.

Benefit from our know-how as a professional

The good reputation of Natural Shelter in the sector of CBD for animals takes root day by day. Armed with this brand image and our experience, we have decided to set up a professional network, in order to serve all those who wish to relieve their stressed rabbit or other animals in bad shape.

So whether you are a veterinarian, distributor of veterinary products or a media professional, we are ready to work with you. Just contact us through our professionnal work place, for the realization of this partnership.