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CBD-based horse feed supplement

If you have a horse, you must first ensure its good health. Because, as robust as they seem, equines are very sensitive animals. Thus, in addition to regular veterinary consultations, Natural Shelter recommends that you administer a food supplement from time to time to boost its energy.

Like humans, equines also have a cannabinoid system. This is made up of CB2 receptors, among other things, which help the body fight against pathogens.

Support for the horse's immune system

However, the natural defense of the animal becomes weak as its age advances. Under these conditions, you can enhance its well-being with the help ofa food supplement for senior horses.

Natural Shelter offers you its CBD oil for horses, it is a compendium of natural products to be administered sublingually to your animal. This oil is indeed composed of soybean, copra, rapeseed and CBD oils. However, all these substances contain omega, nutrients known to be essential for boosting your horse's natural immunity.

However, you must respect the required dosage in order not to compromise the health of your equine. Our subject matter experts recommend 2 mg of CBD oil per kilo daily.

The solution for the well-being of the equine

Apart from its ability to strengthen the immune system of the animal, CBD oil is an effective food supplement to relieve a stressed horse. The cannabidiol present in legal hemp interacts with CB1 receptors located mainly in the neurons of the animal. Indeed, stress occurs partly in this area of the equine's body, following a change of environment or a lack of confidence in its master, for example.

If so, your companion's muscles contract. This is followed by notorious behavioral problems such as aggression and anorexia. The action of CBD then relaxes the nerves and muscles of the animal, so that it feels absolute well-being. He thus regains confidence and becomes more cooperative.

The means to relieve the pain of the horse

By involving your equine in competitions and regularly subjecting it to intensive training, it can end up suffering from abdominal pain.

In addition, certain pathologies manifested by chronic pain can result from the physiology of the animal. In these cases, opt for a CBD-based food supplement to improve the well-being of your horse. CBD oil is also effective in reducing all kinds of pain felt by your faithful companion.

Thus, as in the case of stress, CBD acts on CB1 receptors by modifying their reaction to painful sensations. The subject will immediately be relieved and more able to run. Thanks to such support, you will also be able to improve performances of your pet, he will be ready for challenges.