Anti inflamatoire pour cheval

Natural anti-inflammatory for horses based on CBD

Your horse can contract pathologies likely to cause inflammatory pain. Under these conditions, the performance of the equine will decrease and it will become less cooperative. You must therefore have him consult a specialist, for better management of his state of health.

However, as a precaution and without waiting for the veterinary results, you can already opt for the administration of a natural anti-inflammatory for horses. Preferably, this solution should contain cannabidiol (CBD), reputed to be very effective against terrible pain. From this perspective, request Natural Shelter to get you CBD oil. What is the relevance of the solution we offer you, in order to relieve your equine from inflammatory sensations?

An oily galenic for better bioavailability

Natural Shelter is one of the pioneers in the pet CBD industry. We know the needs of your companions in order to improve their well-being. We have thus experienced the effectiveness of medical hemp in the form of a sublingual oil. Our veterinary partners and other animal owners also shed light on the process of developing our natural anti-inflammatory for horses, as well as other animals with an endocannabinoid system.

Thus, at the end of our research, we concluded that the oil was the best format which makes it possible to guarantee the effectiveness of CBD in the organism of your companions. Reason why our food supplements are sublingual oily galenics. When your horse ingests cannabidiol in this form, the metabolism of the molecule is optimized. Therefore, the active ingredient passes faster and in large quantities into the blood. Thanks to CBD oil, the equine is therefore quickly relieved, thus regaining all its vivacity.

A premium natural anti-inflammatory

Natural Shelter has set up a production centered on transparency and customer satisfaction. In this approach, we submit our manufacturing process to the assessment of quality control bodies. These various assessments have therefore enabled us to obtain quality certifications such as the « Good Manufacturing Practices » et le « Swiss Label ».

So many distinctions that testify to our seriousness. By purchasing our CBD oil, you have a natural anti-inflammatory for the horse. If you want to know more about the quality of our products, our section FAQ inform you properly on the subject.

Tips to prevent your horse from inflammation

To preserve the well-being of your animal, you must prevent your horse from being frequently exposed to activities that may cause painful sensations. In case of chronic pain, you can administer our natural anti-inflammatory based on CBD.

Natural Shelter suggests that you favor a balanced, low-sugar diet in order to spare him from IBD (chronic inflammatory bowel disease). Also, you must avoid subjecting him to intense physical exercises that can cause tendonitis.