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Prefer CBD as a tranquilizer for your horse

By adopting a horse, you certainly hope for an excellent bond with your companion. Before being competitive animals, equines are very endearing and faithful beings. However, you may sometimes notice aggressiveness and a lack of cooperation on his part.

Under these conditions, avoid using violence to submit him. Indeed, such a solution will only degrade his physical and mental state and his confidence in you. Instead, make the effort to understand the reasons for this behavioral problem and seek to apply the appropriate solutions to calm it down.

As such, you can opt for a veterinary consultation and also administer a natural product based on CBD. This last option is also one of the most relevant, since it will allow the animal to relax quickly. Order thehuile sublingual CBD from Natural Shelter. At the same time, you must inform yourself about the causes of your horse's nervousness.

Why is a horse aggressive?

Very often, the aggressiveness of a horse is linked to stress or to a pathology from which it suffers. You must therefore get to know your companion and already detect the plausible reasons for this behavior, while waiting for veterinary analyzes.

However, be aware that your horse's nervousness is most likely due to one of the following factors:

  • A change of scenery;
  • A change of master;
  • An unconfident rider;
  • physical pain;
  • A need for dominance;
  • Abuse;
  • A lack of space;
  • An isolation...

Faced with these different attitudes, Natural Shelter offers you care for your equine through CBD for horses. CBD oil is a solution recommended by veterinarians for tranquilizing animals.

How Does CBD Oil Calm an Aggressive Horse?

From the above, you understand that the agitation of your equine is mainly caused by stress and physical pain. However, these two types of sensation are governed by the CB1 and CB2 receptors, housed in the cannabinoid system of the animal. The CBD then interacts with its cells, in order to modify the body's perception of pain.

In addition, hemp oil will regulate the functioning of neurons, so that your equine's brain can assess the situation in which it finds itself differently. In these conditions, our food supplement improves the animal's mood, soothes it and gives it well-being.

What Kind of CBD Oil to Calm Your Horse?

In the event of an anxiety attack or chronic pain, our CBD oil is recommended to calm your pet. At Natural Shelter, we specialize in the manufacture of oily galenics without THC. This is also part of many commitments that we have taken, for the complete satisfaction of our customers. Indeed, tetrahydrocannabinol makes your pet high and dependent.

This is why we offer you products with 0% THC. In addition to being a psychotropic-free solution, our horse tranquilizer also offers Omega 3, which comes strengthen the immune system of your pet. Natural Shelter CBD Oil also contains coconut, soy and rapeseed oils.