CBD pour animaux

What are the benefits of CBD on animals?

Like human beings, animals also have a right to well-being. Reason why you must preserve the health of your little companions. So, in addition to veterinary care, you should consider natural alternatives like CBD for example.

Indeed, this substance contained in hemp is also intended for animal consumption. You can indeed administer CBD to animals with an endocannabinoid system. In this category are dogs, cats, horses and all other vertebrate animals. However, not all cannabidiol products are recommendable. So, focus exclusively on organic CBD oil without THC.

In this perspective, discover the products of Naturel Shelter to bring the benefits of CBD to your animals. We are a company based in Switzerland, a country renowned for its requirements in terms of quality and traceability of manufactured products.

In addition, our laboratory strives to offer you food supplements in line with the needs of your dog, cat or horse. In addition, you are certainly looking to know the benefits of CBD on animals. In this regard, numerous scientific studies prove the positive impact of CBD on animal health.

CBD relieves pain in animals

At Natural Shelter, we work to keep your pets in perpetual health. A dog or a horse only thrives if it feels no pain. By administering our huile sublingual CBD, you therefore continually protect your animal from this unpleasant sensation. How is it possible ? As mentioned above, vertebrate animals also have endocannabinoid receptors.

These determine the perception of pain, since they are located in the brain, stomach and intestines. So many organs that are considered as seats of sensitivity. When CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, it then automatically relieves the animal of pain. Following the taking of our dietary supplement based on CBD, your horse or dog will therefore feel better, whatever the origin of his pain.

CBD slows disease progression

For the time being, no serious scientific study confirms the effectiveness of CBD for the treatment of a condition. However, cannabidiol plays a major role in managing the effects of certain animal pathologies. In the case of epilepsy in your dog, CBD oil from Natural Shelter will be useful for the relieve seizures.

In the absence of such crises, the state of health of your companion will certainly be more stable. In addition, if your animal is undergoing veterinary care for cancer, you can administer our 100% natural solution. It will reduce the frequency of nausea and relieve him of the side effects of prescribed medications. Better, cannabidiol can reduce the rate of multiplication of carcinogenic cells, optimizing your animal's chances of survival.

CBD annihilates stress and anxiety

Humans mostly consume hemp to escape stress. Our CBD has exactly the same effects in animals. So, as soon as you notice your cat becoming aggressive or meowing all the time, know that he is anxious.

Then administer our sublingual oil to your hairball. Indeed, thanks to hemp oil and the other natural components it contains, our food supplement will soothe your pet and restore its good mood.

CBD fights animal aging

If you wish enhance vitality of your horse or dog, you can administer CBD to it. Our oil maintains the youth of your animal, it will immediately feel invigorated. Indeed, cannabidiol optimizes the production of serotonin, despite the advanced age of the animal.