Cheval Cancer CBD

Relieve a horse with cancer with CBD oil

If you have adopted a horse out of passion or to participate in equestrian competitions, you surely want to take care of it. Indeed, in addition to providing him with a balanced diet and impeccable personal hygiene, it is important to worry about his health. Equines, like other animals, are exposed to pathologies. It is possible, for example, that your horse is the victim of cancer. In this case, you must obviously favor a veterinary consultation. You should also know the symptoms of such a condition, in order to react quickly.

In addition to the specialist's prescriptions for the management of a tumor in the horse, you can administer Legal CBD to ease the pain your pet feels. More and more riders know that the cannabidiol suitable for animal consumption.

Indeed, experts recommend CBD oil because it offers better bioavailability compared to other dietary supplements. Indeed, since equines have an endocannabinoid system, their organism is sensitive to the therapeutic virtues of hemp oil. Natural Shelter offers you an oily CBD-based dosage form that will relieve your horse's pain.

A natural concentrate for the well-being of your horse

If your horse has been diagnosed with liver cancer, he will certainly need natural food supplements to regain his vivacity. We guarantee you CBD-based diet products developed in partnership with veterinarians and according to the needs expressed by animal owners. You should already know that our sublingual CBD oil for horses contains 0% THC.

In addition, we have added copra, rapeseed and soybean oils. In addition, our laboratory excludes the use of synthesized adjuvants in order to comply with the recommendations of partner veterinarians. By purchasing a food supplement from Natural Shelter, you are therefore offering a 100% natural product to your equine.

Support for your horse's immune system

If your horse has cancer, then his immunity is weakened. This is why you must quickly make him consume our oily CBD-based galenic. Indeed, thanks to the natural components previously presented, our solution contains omega 3.

These polyunsaturated fatty acids do not only improve the cognitive functions of your equine. They also strengthen its immune system and eliminate the tumor in the horse. Moreover, vitamin E present in our food supplement also helps the animal's body to better resist pathogens.

Request our know-how for the well-being of your equine

Natural Shelter makes every effort to improve the well-being of your cancer-stricken horse. You can order our products online or via one of our partner veterinary practices.

Whether it is liver cancer in horses or other types of tumor disease in equines, our products remain recommendable. It is enough to scrupulously respect the indicated dosage for the health of your companion to improve. Also, we guarantee you fast delivery and a customer service at your disposal to advise you at best.