Douleur abdominale chien CBD

Relieve Your Dog's Abdominal Pain With CBD Oil

Dogs are man's best companions. They know how to be endearing, loyal and protective. As resistant as he seems, your dog can contract certain ailments that can totally weaken him if you do not take the appropriate measures quickly. Your dog may even feel abdominal pain, with behavioral problems that may result. In this case, you can administer a solution based on cannabidiol.

Indeed, this substance of hemp is recognized for its therapeutic virtues on the human organism. Numerous clinical researches have made it possible to understand that animals with an endocannabinoid system can consume CBD in order to relieve certain pains. In this perspective, you can trust the know-how of Natural Shelter whose oily galenics are real successful products.

Indeed, our company is unquestionably a benchmark in the CBD sector for animals. Indeed, we market superior quality food supplements that improve the well-being of your pet.

We respect the health of your animals

As much as humans, animals are living beings with a right to well-being. Reason why, we deliberately took commitments with our customers and partners.

Our goal is to offer you food supplements that meet your requirements and comply with the standards laid down by veterinary associations. To do this, be sure that our products do not cause addiction in your pet, because being totally free of THC.

We rely on 100% natural ingredients

If your dog suffers from abdominal pain, you need to be more careful about the substances you give him. For example, synthesized products can accentuate the sensations he feels.

As a result, we include in our products hemp oil of Swiss origin, from l’agriculture locale as well as other essential nutrients to strengthen your pet's defense system. These include vitamin E as well as cod liver and rapeseed oil. Natural Shelter wishes to offer you an entirely natural and extremely effective solution to improve the well-being of your pet.

Abdominal Pain in Dogs: Warning Signs

How do you know if your dog is experiencing abdominal pain? Certain behavioral problems are characteristic of it. Your canine may lack appetite, make regular moans, or be constipated. Also, if his heart rate is accelerating, if he is squirming around or if you notice his limbs shaking, be aware that it may be abdominal pain.

In addition, various ailments are at the origin of these many symptoms. Indeed, such pain can be caused by kidney stones, poisoning due to poor diet or urinary tract infection. You must therefore carefully monitor your poodle's diet and offer him a healthy living environment. However, if despite all these precautions your dog is the victim of abdominal pain, our products are available to improve the well-being of your pet.