Huile CBD Vétérinaire
Natural Shelter CBD Oil Recommended by Swiss Veterinarians

CBD oil is effective in relieving joint disease, stress and other ailments in animals. Many dog and cat owners have adopted Natural Shelter CBD Oil after using it following veterinary advice. CBD oil from th...

Complément alimentaire pour chat
Food supplement for cats

Do you have a tired, sick or elderly cat? Is he / she prone to stressful states or showing symptoms of joint pain? If you are looking for a natural solution to relieve it, you can give it the CBD oil from Na...

Soulager chat agressif
How to relieve an aggressive cat?

Is your cat becoming suspicious? Does he stick his claws out, hiss and sometimes try to bite? These are signs of hostility that sometimes arise when you feel insecure or because of embarrassment. If facing y...

Complément alimentaire pour chien
Food supplement for your dog

Is your dog elderly? Does he have joint pain or disease? Giving her a supplement to strengthen her health may benefit her. To energize your dog or relieve pain, Natural Shelter offers you a 100% natural dog ...

Solution pour chien stressé
How to calm your stressed dog?

Do you experience anxiety, fear, or even irritability in your dog? Certain situations or changes can causeanxiety in dogs. To relieve this condition, Natural Shelter provides you with CBD oils that help calm...

Calmant pour chien anxieux
Calming for anxious dog

Is your dog aggressive towards other dogs or strangers? Does he avoid physical contact? To overcome such behavior in your pet, Natural Shelter offers you a tranquilizer for dogs which has demonstrated its ef...

Anti-douleur pour chien
Painkiller to relieve your dog

In their daily life, dogs can injure themselves (example: paws) or feel pain following an operation (example: castration). Faced with these situations which can affect their behavior, the use of painkillers ...

Anti-inflamatoire pour chien
Anti-inflammatory for dogs with CBD oil

Does your dog have a joint condition like osteoarthritis? Calming his ailments with our essential oils will do him the greatest good. Natural Shelter's CBD Oil is the ideal solution for relieve your dog's pa...

Comment calmer un chat stressé ?
How to calm a stressed cat?

Stress can also affect pets like cats. When your feline displays clinical signs of stress, which can affect their health and behavior. Made with the utmost care, Natural Shelter's CBD-based essential oils ha...

Comment calmer un chien agressif ?
How to calm an aggressive dog?

Have you noticed that your dog has been losing his temper rapidly for some time? One aggressive dog Usually shows anger in defense of yourself or yourself in the event of danger. To soothe your dog, you can ...

L'huile CBD pour votre chien
CBD oil for your dog

Are you looking for a natural solution to relieve your dog's anxiety or stress? You will find at Natural Shelter, a natural oil composition based on CBD very effective in soothing your dog. Resulting from th...

Comment soulager l’arthrose du chien ?
How to relieve osteoarthritis in dogs?

Your pet has difficulty moving, frolicking and having fun because of osteoarthritis? Natural Shelter recommends its natural CBD oil to improve the mobility of your companion and make him regain his enthusias...