Complément alimentaire pour chat

Food supplement for cats

Do you have a tired, sick or elderly cat? Is he / she prone to stressful states or showing symptoms of joint pain? If you are looking for a natural solution to relieve it, you can give it the CBD oil from Natural Shelter.

This is an excellent natural remedy made from therapeutic hemp containing 0% THC. CBD is an effective food supplement for your cat, it helps strengthen his body's defenses and heal his ailments.

What are the health benefits of CBD oil for your pet?

Scientific research associated with the testimonies of the cat owners makes it possible to state with certainty that the sublingual CBD oil Natural Shelter is a good food supplement for your companion. With age, your senior cat may show signs of fatigue, the CBD oil will then restore her vigor and strengthen her immune system. In old age, your cat may experience joint pain, be less mobile, or have difficulty walking.

When the vet concludes that you have osteoarthritis, you can then resort to Natural Shelter Sublingual CBD Oil. This formula acts as an effective analgesic against transient and chronic inflammation. Many owners have observed positive effects and have spontaneously adopted it as food supplement for their cat with osteoarthritis.

Likewise, if you notice signs of anxiety, panic, and discomfort in your cat, you can administer this oil. Indeed, its beneficial molecules will act on the secretion of hormones that promote serenity. It acts like a dietary supplement effective to adopt for calm your stressed cat.

How is our food supplement used on cats?

The THC-free CBD oil offered by Natural Shelter is the result of a preparation process controlled by a group of researchers and veterinarians from Swissvet Group. With the collaboration of several cat masters, it has been validated and enjoys the Swiss Label certification. This makes it a recognized and recommended food supplement for your cat.

This oily galenic rich in vitamin E, Omega 3 and other nutrients essential for the good health of your hairball comes in a format of 30 ml dosed at 900 mg of CBD. The dosage to be used remains relative to the weight of your animal. She needs 2 mg of this therapeutic preparation per kg of her weight per day. Therefore, for a 7 kilogram cat, you should administer 14 mg of CBD per day. P

Moreover, you can only exceed this dose if your veterinarian expressly prescribes it according to the needs of your companion. To make it easy to swallow this oil, each bottle comes with a syringe that is easy to slip under your cat's tongue. These instructions promote the rapid release of the active compounds, an immediate and lasting effect on your animal. Then visit our Online Store to order your natural CBD oil to improve your cat's health.