Anti-douleur pour chien

Painkiller to relieve your dog

In their daily life, dogs can injure themselves (example: paws) or feel pain following an operation (example: castration). Faced with these situations which can affect their behavior, the use of painkillers for dogs natural helps bring them comfort.

Natural Shelter comes to your rescue by offering you natural CBD oils, ideal for soothing your pet's pain. Thanks to their benefits, our products will gradually and lastingly reduce pain in your pet.

How to recognize the signs of pain and relieve a dog in pain?

Detecting pain in your 4-legged companion may in some cases require special attention on your part. Usually, pain in dogs is manifested by difficulty moving, insomnia, aggressiveness, lack of appetite, or unexplained barking. To prevent the pain from intensifying, there are several natural solutions available to you, such as CBD products.

Cannabidiol is adopted by many veterinarians for its potent analgesic properties. A real painkiller for dogs, CBD acts on sensitivity receptors by slowing down chronic inflammation and relieving sore joints. Veterinarians therefore recommend it as pain reliever against osteoarthritis in dogs.

Natural Shelter provides you with a CBD oil allowing your dog to regain all his mobility. Our oil is applied sublingually or is consumed during meals, which allows its immediate passage into the stomach and promotes faster action of its active ingredients.

Natural Shelter's CBD oils: effective pain relievers for your dog

The well-being of our precious pets is a priority for the Natural Shelter team. We therefore carry out rigorous controls at each stage of the manufacturing process of our oils. From the selection of seeds medical cannabis in obtaining the finished product, we operate with meticulousness in order to benefit your animal, the many benefits of cannabidiol.

All our formulas go through analysis phases monitored by researchers from the Swissvet Group, as well as French and American scientists. They ensure the total elimination of THC in the formulas we offer. At the same time, in order to improve and renew the effectiveness of our products, we work closely with animal owners to test and validate our oils.

We also benefit from the Swiss Label certification which guarantees the quality of our products in the market. So, if your dog shows pain in the paw or other parts of the body, prefer the natural painkillers that Natural Shelter offers.

Our essential oils CBD-based allow your pet to find comfort and joy in life. To buy our CBD oils for dogs, find out here the point of sale closest to you or order directly online via our e-shop.