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Natural Shelter CBD Oil Recommended by Swiss Veterinarians

CBD oil is effective in relieving joint disease, stress and other ailments in animals. Many dog and cat owners have adopted Natural Shelter CBD Oil after using it following veterinary advice.

CBD oil from therapeutic cannabis is a dietary supplement to have in all pharmacy kits for dogs and cats. Natural Shelter brand sublingual oils are designed to ensure the daily well-being of your pet.

What do vets think of Natural Shelter CBD oil for your pet?

After several studies involving animal health professionals, it turns out that theCBD oil is effective in restoring vitality and good humor to dogs and cats. The results of a survey of Swiss veterinarians in 2019 revealed that healthcare professionals recommend Shelter Natural CBD Oil especially for its analgesic properties. Among other things, CBD helps relieve joint pain due to osteoarthritis or trauma.

Likewise, more than 31% of surveyed veterinarians prescribe CBD oil to accompany indicated medical treatments for diabetes, respiratory disorders or certain cancers. Vets also confirm that CBD oil relieves seizures caused by seizures and vomiting. In addition, its action on endocannabinoid receptors boosts appetite and balances the digestive system of animals.

Veterinarians therefore recommend CBD as a dietary supplement to strengthen your companion's immune defenses. The CBD-based Natural Shelter formulas are prescribed by many veterinary clinics in Switzerland and throughout Europe. Pet owners attest to the effectiveness of CBD on stress, aggression and even anxiety that can occur in animals during, for example, a move, a long road trip or in the face of strangers.

Why should you trust the vet for Natural Shelter sublingual CBD oils?

Many veterinarians are increasingly advocating, in addition to medication, the use of natural solutions to relieve certain ailments. And according to their analysis, Natural Shelter CBD oil is very effective, for example, in calming your pet or relieving joint pain.

Obtained from the 100% therapeutic cannabis well known to veterinarians, CBD oil for animals contains no trace of THC. As much as humans, pets remain sensitive to this psychoactive molecule. To guarantee quality, our entire range of CBD is developed in Switzerland in collaboration with the Swissvet Group, a group of veterinarians and scientists.

To improve your pet's condition, they have developed oils with 0% THC. Our CBD oils are now Swiss Label certified. This means that they have gone through a meticulous analysis process and passed several checks to meet all the quality criteria demanded by animal health professionals.

Therefore, by choosing Natural Shelter CBD oils, you are endowing yourself with an effective solution to ensure the well-being of your pet. You can get them now on our Online Store. Made in collaboration with animal owners and veterinary specialists, Natural Shelter natural oils have proven their effectiveness.