Chat cancer
Using CBD to Treat Cancer in Cats: Should You Believe?

Evidence from numerous scientific studies confirms the positive effect of CBD on the progression of cancer. Following in-depth analyzes on the subject, Natural Shelter has developed 100% natural CBD oils. Ma...

Tumeur chien
How to relieve a tumor in a dog?

Does your dog have a tumor? You are probably wondering how to relieve pain due to illness. You can improve your friend's daily life by giving them Natural Shelter CBD Oil. Indeed, CBD helps fight a tumor by ...

Douleur articulaire chien
How to relieve joint pain in a dog?

Does your dog suffer from joint pain? Does his state of health affect his usual good mood? Do you want to soothe his pain with a natural and effective product? Administer ithuile de CBD Sublingual Natural Sh...

Crise d'épilepsie chez le chien
Dog epilepsy attack what to do?

If you live with a dog that has epilepsy, you are very likely to be dreading the next seizure. When the seizures become frequent or last more than 3 minutes, you must react as soon as possible in order to re...

Chat qui tremble
Why is my cat shaking?

Your is the cat shaking in an unusual way ? He may be showing clinical signs of anxiety or a serious pathology that you should quickly remedy. Known for its effectiveness, Natural Shelter CBD oil can calm a ...

Calmer son chat
How to calm your cat?

Your cat has a behavioral disorder due to stress ? Does he become anxious, agitated or even aggressive? These states are psychological reactions that often result from a set of events happening around him. H...

Vomissement du chien : quelles solutions ?
Dog vomiting: what solutions?

Does your dog vomit or often feel the urge to do so? Has abdominal convulsions or regurgitates after eating? You can react quickly to these symptoms by giving him theCBD oil from Natural Shelter effective ag...

Huile de CBD pour la santé de vos animaux
CBD oil for the health of your pets

You are looking for a natural food supplement to invigorate your pet ? Are you looking for an effective product approved by veterinarians? Discover Natural Shelter's veterinarian-approved CBD oil to relieve ...

L’huile de CBD pour soulager un chien qui tremble
CBD oil for relieving a trembling dog

Is your dog shaking in an unusual way? Are you looking for a solution to remedy this and allow your pet to regain its best form? Natural Shelter offers you its CBD oil which acts on your pet by soothing it f...

Quel antidouleur donner à un chat ?
What painkiller to give to a cat?

Want to relieve pain in your suffering cat? You ask yourself which natural painkiller to choose for your cat ? L’huile de CBD Sublingual Natural Shelter is an excellent anti-inflammatory that helps relieve y...

Vomissement chat
Cat vomiting: how to relieve it?

You have a cat that vomits often ? Are you wondering what explains his condition and especially how to relieve it as quickly as possible? Go for thesublingual CBD oil from Natural Shelter for immediate effec...

Huile de CBD pour chat
CBD oil for cats: what are its benefits?

The cat is a playful animal, but its attitude can change dramatically when it is anxious or insecure. In the face of a change in behavior, we suggest the Natural Shelter CBD oil for cats. Of natural manufact...