Huile de CBD pour la santé de vos animaux

CBD oil for the health of your pets

You are looking for a natural food supplement to invigorate your pet ? Are you looking for an effective, veterinarian-approved product? Discover Natural Shelter's vet-approved CBD oil for pain relief or calming your pet.

Extracted from a variety of THC-free hemp plants,oil containing cannabidiol constitutes an excellent food supplement recommended by veterinarians. Its action on the body of your companion will improve his state of health and bring him more serenity.

Why adopt cannabidiol oil for your friend's maintenance?

CBD is an effective solution for alleviating several diseases in animals. Resulting from a biological process of cultivation and transformation, the extract of cannabidiol for animals acts as an analgesic. It calms pain in joints and muscles.

CBD oil for animals in combination with other pharmaceutical compounds has been shown in clinical studies to help treat conditions such as:

  • osteoarthritis;
  • gastrointestinal problems;

Our cannabidiol-rich Natural Shelter formula gradually improves your friend's condition and puts them back on their feet. THE'sublingual oil from cannabis stimulates appetite in animals. CBD relieves any feeling of nausea and vomiting. Natural Shelter's CBD oil therefore balances the functioning of your friend's digestive organs. Also, it strengthens its immune system and makes its body more resistant to diseases.

The Natural Shelter dosage formula based on CBD does not contain any trace of THC. It does not expose your pet to any psychotropic effects. The active substances found there have soothing properties. When the animal becomes anxious while traveling or in unfamiliar surroundings, Natural Shelter's CBD oil acts on the receptors responsible for stress. She helps relieve stress and restore normalcy.

How to administer our CBD oil to your pet?

Do you want to improve your companion's quality of life with a biological solution? Adopt our sublingual CBD oil for animals.

For several years, Natural Shelter has been dedicated to providing reliable products to our domestic companions. The formulas that we market are produced by veterinarians of the Swissvet Group and validated after numerous efficacy tests in agreement with the animal owners.

We have a special formula adapted to each species of domestic animal. Presented in vials of varying capacity and CBD content, these oils come with a pipette so you can easily drop them under your companion's tongue.

Regarding the dose to apply and the frequency of intake, they vary depending on the condition to be treated. For more precision, consult a veterinarian. By opting for our CBD-rich hemp oils for your pets (dog, cat, horse, rabbit, etc.), you guarantee them a better daily life. Access our Online Store to place your order.