Calmer son chat

How to calm your cat?

Your cat has a behavioral disorder due to stress ? Does he become anxious, agitated or even aggressive? These states are psychological reactions that often result from a set of events happening around him. However, you can remedy this by giving her a natural CBD calming agent.

Infused in vegetable oil, Natural Shelter CBD oil is a natural calming that relieves stress and anxiety in cats. This oil contains nutrients that interact with your cat's endogenous cannabinoid receptors. Taking it will relax your friend without causing psychotropic effects.

Under what circumstances should you use a CBD calming agent for cats?

Several factors may justify the need to administer a calming rich in cannabidiol to your cat. The need for intervention often arises in the event of observed changes in the cat's usual behavior. Thus, the latter may show panic or mistrust in a foreign setting or in front of intruders on his territory.

He may begin to hiss, hide, or develop an unusual tendency to run away. Your cat may also denote a certain nervousness in the face of any situation disturbing its peace of mind, such as in the event of noises, of a sudden awakening, of commotion in its environment, of disturbance during its meals, etc.

He can then express his anxiety through:

  • aggressiveness towards others and even towards his master;
  • reduced mobility;
  • loss of appetite or an excessive urge to eat;
  • etc.

On long trips in the car, your cat may show discomfort through restlessness and stress. This change in behavior can be explained by a phobia of the car or images that pass too quickly in front of him. Your pet sometimes associates this trip with a trying experience. Either way, he needs to be relaxed. the cannabidiol has all the properties to bring it the necessary serenity.

Why adopt Natural Shelter CBD oil to soothe your cat?

Natural Shelter's Sublingual CBD Oil differs from most known herbal remedies for relieving signs of stress and anxiety in animals. Indeed, this oil combines several organoleptic qualities to facilitate ingestion of the product. CBD reveals properties that have the effect of calm your cat both at home and during transport by car. We offer, for the well-being of your companion, a dietetic formula carefully prepared by veterinarians, scientists and cat owners.

They know the needs of cats and the best way to meet them. Natural Shelter CBD oil benefits from Swiss Label certification, which testifies to its know-how and its mastery of good processing practices applied in Switzerland.

Now switch to Natural Shelter Sublingual CBD Oil for calm stress and anxiety in your cat. To do this, access our Online Store to order your bottle today.