Chat qui boite CBD
Relieve the pain of a limping cat with CBD

The cat is a reputedly very sensitive animal. You must then take all alerts relating to his health seriously. For example, a cat that limps for no apparent reason should be taken care of quickly. It is the s...

Arthrose cheval CBD
Relieve your horse's osteoarthritis pain by administering CBD

During their daily walks, horses put a lot of strain on their joints, which allow them to optimize their performance. But over time, and without proper precautions on the part of the owner, the animal can be...

Anxiété séparation chez le chien
End separation anxiety in your dog with CBD

Some dogs can't stand the separation from their mother or siblings. In addition, sometimes they fail to live alone in the absence of their masters. In all these cases, your animal will certainly manifest beh...

Mal de dos chien
How to get rid of back pain in horses?

The horse's back is its main asset, but it can cause pain, making riding impossible. Under these conditions, a fast support of your pet is necessary. However, you should prioritize CBD products to relieve ba...

Mal de dos chien
CBD for back pain relief in dogs

CBD can also be given to animals to relieve various aches and pains. So you can use CBD oil if your dog is suffering from back pain. The CBD oil produced by Naturel Shelter is a 100% natural product and devo...

Douleur musculaire chien
Using CBD Oil to Relieve Your Dog's Muscle Pain

Muscle pain in dogs is very common. It is therefore up to you to know the reasons, in order to avoid it and especially to opt for the best solution in case of occurrence. Among the products available for can...

Douleur épaule chien
Fighting shoulder pain in dogs with CBD

We all love to see our dog having fun every day. This hyperactivity is obviously seen as a sign of the good health of the household companion. However, it can also cause shoulder tendonitis. This is why you ...

Douleur cervicale chien
What to do if your dog suffers from stiff necks?

Like in humans, neck pain in dogs should be taken seriously. Owners of poodles or Yorkshires should be especially vigilant because they are breeds of dogs sensitive to cervical necks. It's important to find ...

Chien convulsion
How to react to a dog's convulsions?

Your dog is experiencing involuntary contractions all or part of his body? Are you looking for an effective solution to overcome it and allow it to regain its normal state? Natural Shelter offers its natural...

Convulsion chat
CBD oil, an effective way to treat seizures in cats

CBD is now prescribed by some vets for relieve a cat victim of convulsion. Its consumption in the form of oil is particularly known to benefit from a rapid effect. Natural Shelter CBD Oil comes from premium ...

L’huile de CBD pour atténuer les douleurs d’un chien qui boite
CBD oil to relieve the pain of a dog who limps

Does your dog have trouble standing on his feet? Does he move with difficulty? Does he feel less and less inclined to go for a walk? This may be due to pain that needs to be relieved, especially when the dog...

Chien cancer
CBD oil for cancer in dogs

Veterinarians agree on the subject: CBD benefits humans and also animals. CBD intervenes to relieve many disorders, but also diseases such as generalized cancer in dogs. Specially formulated to improve anima...