Chien convulsion

How to react to a dog's convulsions?

Your dog is experiencing involuntary contractions all or part of his body? Are you looking for an effective solution to overcome it and allow it to regain its normal state?

Natural Shelter offers its natural CBD oil to reduce or even eliminate symptoms. Created by veterinarians, CBD Natural Shelter oil soothe your dog. CBD stimulates receptors in the brain to reduce the frequency of seizures. CBD oil is a very effective natural method for soothing and calming dogs.

What Are the Causes and Symptoms of Dog Seizures?

Seizures in dogs can be confusing. Spasms, hypersalivation, and loss of muscle tone are common signs of this condition. The animal may bark and make involuntary movements. Indeed, a dog may present convulsions in his sleep, a rather worrying situation when the disease induces a loss of consciousness.

At the dog, the convulsions can be accompanied by vomitinguncontrolled bowel movements or urine. A seizure is generally associated with epilepsy, which however is not the basis of all seizures in dogs. Your pet may be prone to seizures due to intoxication, hypoglycemia or insufficient calcium levels.

When the dog has kidney failure or has had a stroke, it can also convulse. The same is true of brain tumors or encephalitis. A consultation with the veterinarian will allow you to know the exact origin of the discomfort of your companion.

However, sometimes no medical cause is implicated. In these cases, it is idiopathic seizures in easily excitable dogs. For all these situations, administering a few drops of our premium CBD oil to the animal is a saving gesture.

CBD oil, an effective solution for rapid effects

To relieve your dog, the vet will surely recommend the CBD oil known for its therapeutic virtues. Like humans, dogs have cannabinoid receptors which act in the same way as in humans. Since dogs have more receptors than other animals, the effects of CBD on them are greater.

To ensure the good health of the dog, you can obtain a quality oil. The best product is one whose THC content does not exceed 0.2%. Indeed, the goal is not to get the canine high with CBD, but to effectively eliminate his disorders.

The CBD oil available in our online store is a Swiss Label anti-convulsant and calming agent. Free of any proactive molecule, it is harmless to the animal's vital prognosis. From organic farming. It constitutes an effective and natural alternative to treat the convulsions of the dog.

Natural Shelter CBD Oil is a valuable remedy for convulsion in older dogs or young. When the dog undergoes a seizure, this oil will be administered by itself sublingually or mixed with food. It is enough to adhere to the appropriate dosage to restore the dog to its normal form.

Due to the animal's sensitivity to the effects of cbd, the dosage prescribed according to the weight of the animal. You can start on 2 ml per day and per kg of weight to relieve your companion.

However, it is a good idea to seek the advice of a veterinarian to know the exact dosage depending on the severity of the illness and the dog's peculiarities. Do you want your dog to regain his enthusiasm? Order Natural Shelter CBD Oil with just a few clicks and receive your product as soon as possible.