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Fighting shoulder pain in dogs with CBD

We all love to see our dog having fun every day. This hyperactivity is obviously seen as a sign of the good health of the household companion. However, it can also cause shoulder tendonitis.

This is why you must regularly put your pet to rest. If you notice that your dog has a pain in his shoulder, a prompt reaction from you will provide effective relief to the canine. Above all, opt for a natural solution like the one based on hemp. This solution is also very popular, because of the many therapeutic virtues recognized in cannabidiol (CBD), one of the main molecules extracted from cannabis.

The Natural Shelter solution

In fact, knowing how effective CBD is in relieving pain in dogs and other pets, Natural Shelter has developed a sublingual oil for your canine. Indeed, it is an organic product whose components are beneficial for canine health.

If you want to know more, know that our dog product contains 6% CBD. This is a substantial level which promotes the bioavailability of the substance in the blood, allowing rapid interaction with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the animal body.

In addition, in order to better fight shoulder tendonitis in dogs, we have added vitamin E and omega 3 to our CBD oil. These nutrients are used to strengthen their immunity and their brain system. Thus, in addition to our natural solution, we recommend additional precautions to consolidate the health of your pet.

Causes and Symptoms of Shoulder Pain in Dogs

Different factors can cause your dog's shoulder pain, tendonitis of the biceps brachii for exemple. In fact, it is the most common vector, usually caused by sudden stress on the joints. This is why you must get your animal used to gradual efforts.

In addition, in order to quickly detect shoulder tendonitis at Natural Shelter suggests checking whether:

  • your dog limps regularly or intermittently;
  • your animal makes less demands on one limb than the others;
  • his tendon of the biceps brachii is throbbing ...
As soon as these signs appear, you may suspect acute tendonitis, which will need to be dealt with quickly, before it becomes chronic or permanent.

Additional measures to heal quickly

At Natural Shelter, we rely on a 100% natural solution to relieve tendonitis of the shoulder in dogs. To this end, our food supplements do not have any chemical additives. In addition, our sublingual oil acts to naturally optimize the metabolism of the joints.

However, when using CBD oil, we suggest animal massage and especially short walks so as not to overwork the dog. Also, play between animals should be limited for canines with shoulder tendonitis. In summary, all these precautions are likely to accelerate the relief of your little companion.

Getting to know Natural Shelter better

If you want to know more about the quality of our CBD oils, you can directly Contact us. But now, know that at Natural Shelter, you will find the effective solution to relieve tendonitis in your dog's shoulder.

Our products are Swiss quality, a country considered to be the benchmark for therapeutic CBD in the world. We are in close collaboration with the Association of Swiss Veterinarians as well as with American and French researchers. The goal is to offer you products that are truly adapted to the needs of your animals.