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CBD for back pain relief in dogs

CBD can also be given to animals to relieve various aches and pains. So you can use CBD oil if your dog is suffering from back pain.

The CBD oil produced by Naturel Shelter is a 100% natural product and devoid of psychotropic substances. Before knowing more about our solution, it is important to know the symptoms of low back pain in dogs.

Symptoms of back pain in dogs

In order to detect his dog's back pain, the owner must be attentive to his behavior. How do I know if my dog has back pain? Veterinarians have developed a nomenclature of behavioral disorders in canines, signaling back pain.

These include, among others:

  • permanently arched back;
  • lameness during walking;
  • lack of liveliness;
  • frequent moans;
  • constipation;

In addition, this non-exhaustive list only presents indicators intended to alert you to your dog's state of health. You must therefore make him carry out more in-depth medical analyzes to make sure it is really the back pain in your dog. Once diagnosed, opt for Natural Shelter's CBD solution.

Our CBD oil effectively relieves back pain in dogs

Humans frequently use cannabis products to relieve various aches and pains. So, you can go for the same solution when your dog has back pain? Note that CBD is recommended for all living things with a endocannabinoid system. However, all mammals and fish have it, which makes canines receptive to such a substance.

At Natural Shelter, we believe animals deserve the same quality of care as humans. This is why our laboratory technicians have developed truly effective CBD products against back pain in dogs. Above all, we make sure that they are side-effect free and that they are not addictive to your pet.

In this perspective, we offer you a CBD oil with 0% THC, in sublingual administration. Since operating in the CBD market, we have experimented with several product forms and modes of administration. We have found that the previously recommended treatment offers better efficacy in animals, thanks to its optimal bioavailability in the blood.

By treating low back pain in dogs with our natural CBD oil, you are guaranteed to restore your pet to health quickly. Also, you don't need to get him to consume a lot of CBD oil for him to heal quickly. Because, we tell you the appropriate dosage for your dog, depending on his weight.

Our CBD products comply with standards

So choose natural solutions, such as our CBD oil. But if you are apprehensive about such an option, for fear of possible abuse, know that at Natural Shelter, we are betting on traceability of all our products.

In addition, in order to reassure you of our good faith, we have signed a partnership with the most reputable veterinarians in Switzerland. Above all, they assist us in the production of CBD oil, adapted to the needs of your animals. Better still, our food supplements are Swiss Label certified.