Arthrose cheval CBD

Relieve your horse's osteoarthritis pain by administering CBD

During their daily walks, horses put a lot of strain on their joints, which allow them to optimize their performance. But over time, and without proper precautions on the part of the owner, the animal can become a victim of osteoarthritis.

If necessary, you must quickly submit your companion to veterinary care. However, in addition to this solution, also opt for a food supplement for horses against osteoarthritis. You can take advantage of the benefits of CBD to effectively relieve your horse of this painful sensation. But where can you get a quality product?

First, know that cannabidiol is one of the many molecules present in hemp oil. Its level is often correlated with that of THC, reputed to be psychoactive. Avoid using a CBD-based product containing such a prohibited substance. Then, manufacturers offer various formats of solutions with cannabidiol. As part of the management of your horse's osteoarthritis, it is more judicious to favor CBD oil.

Indeed, its easy assimilation by the animal body optimizes its effectiveness. Finally, prioritize a 100% natural product which will protect the health of your equine. In accordance with the criteria previously described, choose the CBD-based food supplement from Natural Shelter which will act perfectly against osteoarthritis in your horse.

Natural Shelter for the well-being of your horse

Based in Switzerland, our company is recognized for its expertise in the CBD sector. In this context, we have decided to make animals benefit from the therapeutic virtues of cannabidiol, through organic products developed in the strict compliance with European standards.

Thanks to the know-how of our technicians and our collaboration with renowned veterinarians, we are able to offer you food supplements that meet your requirements. In addition, all of our products are Swiss Label certified. This authentication confirms a working method based on the traceability and safety of CBD.

Our CBD Oil to relieve your horse

Natural Shelter offers you a food supplement for horses against osteoarthritis, made up of rapeseed oil, soybeans, copra and hemp oil. Like all our CBD oils, our solution for horses contains 0% THC.

Under these conditions, you are guaranteed that your equine will not develop an addiction to hemp. In addition, our solution is evenly distributed in your pet's blood, so it quickly interacts with their endocannabinoid receptors. As a result, the pain associated with your horse's osteoarthritis is systematically reduced. This one will then feel better and will be more lively than usual.

How does osteoarthritis manifest in a horse?

Before you get our horse food supplement against osteoarthritis, it is important to inform yourself about the causes and symptoms of this pathology which affects the cartilage of the joints. In reality, osteoarthritis in horses can be due to a bone malformation. In this case, a foal can therefore suffer.

In addition, overweight, unsuitable feet, inflammation following infiltration and poor quality soil are also vectors. As soon as the horse contracts this condition, you will notice swelling in one of its joints.

In addition, the latter may limp from a limb or stiffen during his mobility. As soon as you notice these signs, you can administer our sublingual CBD oil. You can order online via our secure store, we make sure to get your order to you as soon as possible.

Our professional space

We also make our horse food supplement against osteoarthritis available to veterinary practices. If you are a professional, you can contact us as part of a collaboration. We will then help you to offer your customers our natural solution against osteoarthritis in horses.