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Relieve the pain of a limping cat with CBD

The cat is a reputedly very sensitive animal. You must then take all alerts relating to his health seriously. For example, a cat that limps for no apparent reason should be taken care of quickly. It is the same with a cat that limps after a fall.

In all these cases, cannabidiol (CBD) will be very useful to relieve your animal. Nevertheless, you should favor a quality CBD product, so as not to further compromise the well-being of your little companion. For this purpose, Natural Shelter offers you its dietary food supplement. In reality, we are one of the few companies that respect the protocol put in place by the European Union, relating to the marketing of CBD on its territory.

More concretely, the European Union only authorizes solutions whose THC content is less than or equal to 0.2%. For our part, we do better by offering you a product totally free of this substance with psychoactive effects.

By consuming our huile sublingual CBD to your kitty, you therefore make him fully benefit from the many therapeutic virtues recognized in hemp. But before we tell you how CBD can relieve pain in a cat's paw, you need to find out about the likely causes of such a feeling in your feline.

Why is your cat limping?

It is common to see a cat limp in the front paw. In reality, this anomaly can be due to several factors.

The most common causes are:

  • Arthritis which greatly reduces his mobility;
  • An ingrown or torn claw that causes him severe pain;
  • A neurological condition;
  • A wound or abscess on one of the legs;
  • A spikelet stuck in a leg;
  • A blood clot...

However, we recommend a veterinary consultation when you notice that your hairball is limping. The doctor will therefore be able to make an accurate diagnosis of this anomaly. Moreover, in addition to the measures recommended by the specialist, our CBD oil will speed up your pet's relief.

How does our CBD oil quickly relieve a limping cat?

You can administer our CBD oil to a limping cat after a fall. Apart from cannabidiol, this solution is composed of palatability factors, vitamin E and omega 3.

When your mistigri consumes CBD, the solution is ideally distributed in his blood. CBD then interacts with its endocannabinoid receptors, located in immune cells, the nervous system and the stomach.

We collaborate with Swiss veterinarians

Once the connection is established, the substance changes the perception of pain so as to completely reduce its impact on the body. After only a few days, your limping cat without apparent injury will be relieved of this painful sensation.

However, for more efficiency we advise you to administer to your animal, 2 mg per day and per kilo of our CBD oil. Natural Shelter is today a benchmark in the CBD sector for animals. In this context, we share our expertise with all veterinarians and pet owners.