Douleur musculaire chien

Using CBD Oil to Relieve Your Dog's Muscle Pain

Muscle pain in dogs is very common. It is therefore up to you to know the reasons, in order to avoid it and especially to opt for the best solution in case of occurrence. Among the products available for canine muscle contractures, one CBD product is effective in quickly relieving muscle pain.

Therefore, you can trust the organic oil produced by Natural Shelter. Indeed, we are one of the few companies to offer 100% natural food supplements for animals, mainly dogs and cats. Our engagement to preserve the health of your animal through quality products therefore sets us apart from the competition.

In addition, we rely on the medicinal virtues of CBD to offer you products without psychoactive effects. In order to better understand the true characteristics of our CBD oil, you certainly want to know when to administer such a product to your dog.

When to buy CBD oil for your dog?

The use of CBD oil for animals is gradually becoming a habit since it has been proven that all living things that have an endocannabinoid system can consume it. However, you need to know the appropriate time to give your pet such a substance. By the way, if your dog is limping, how can you relieve him?

Certainly many owners have already asked themselves this question. At Natural Shelter, we believe now is the perfect time to get yourself our CBD dietary supplement. However, this behavioral disorder is not the only indicator that should make you make this decision.

Indeed, while waiting for a precise diagnosis to be made by a veterinarian, you can also opt for our sublingual CBD oil if your dog:

  • is reluctant to walk around;
  • lack of appetite ;
  • breathe quickly;
  • has haggard eyes;
  • is continuously tired ...

Muscle pain in dogs can also be detected by other symptoms. The signs described above are the most frequent and therefore urgent to know. In these different cases, ask for our CBD oil.

Natural ingredients to effectively fight muscle pain in dogs

How can I relieve my limping dog? This question is definitely answered thanks to the know-how of Natural Shelter experts. Indeed, our technicians are in perpetual research in order to offer your animals natural solutions.

That's why we first studied the causes of muscle pain in dogs. From our cross-checks, we understood that among others, stress and chronic anxiety are the reasons. Therefore, we have developed a food supplement that relieves such sensations and at the same time, muscle contractures.

CBD oil for muscle pain relief

Furthermore, our sublingual CBD oil comes from a collaboration with Swiss veterinarians. We rely on the recommendations of Swiss veterinarians for the production of our solutions to ensure the well-being of your pets.

In addition, our CBD oil for dogs is composed of cod liver oil, rapeseed oil, vitamin E and hemp extract with 6% CBD. However, we take care not to add any chemical preservatives. By opting for our solutions, you can be sure that you are getting natural products for rapid relief for your dog.

In addition, for even greater efficiency, we recommend that you administer 2 mg per day and per kilo of our CBD oil to your pet. After a few days of consumption, he will regain his good health and can continue to fully play his role.