Douleur cervicale chien

What to do if your dog suffers from stiff necks?

Like in humans, neck pain in dogs should be taken seriously. Owners of poodles or Yorkshires should be especially vigilant because they are breeds of dogs sensitive to cervical necks.

It's important to find a solution as soon as the first symptoms appear. While waiting to reveal the external signs of neck pain in dogs, it is important to recommend a natural product: CBD. CBD oil is very effective in relieving neck pain. However, by betting on this option, you must prioritize quality products like those we offer at Natural Shelter.

Causes and manifestations of neck pain in dogs

Neck pain in dogs usually occurs from an unstable joint between the Atlas and the Axis. In fact, this dysfunction between these two neck vertebrae causes compression of the spinal cord and pain in the cervical region of the domestic animal.

In addition, necrotizing leukoencephalitis, necrotizing meningoencephalitis and herniated disc can also be the cause of these painful sensations. However, to know if your dog is feeling them, you must start by observing his daily behaviors.

You should then opt for our CBD oil as soon as you notice that your dog:

  • walks in circles;
  • keep your head down ;
  • has a stiff neck;
  • moaned all day long;

The benefits of our 100% natural CBD oil on canine health

For relieving neck pain in dogs, our sublingual CBD oil will definitely come in handy. Composed of appetite elements, omega 3, vitamin E and 6% cannabidiol, this food supplement acts directly on the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the animal's body. Indeed, the first determines the cerebral and nervous mechanism while the second is responsible for the immune system.

So, after consuming our product, the CBD interacts with the neurons, so as to modify the perception of neck pain and destroy the sensation that disturbs your dog. The latter is then relieved after only a few minutes. However, before you get our oil, make sure your loyal companion weighs over 15kg. If so, make it sink 2mg per kg of the solution under his tongue.

Why trust Natural Shelter?

At Natural Shelter, we base our reputation on good production practices. These are also part of our main commitments which revolve around the quality, traceability and safety of food supplements. In addition, we are in contact with Swiss, American and French specialists in order to offer you a product truly adapted to the well-being of your animal.

Indeed, these experts allow us to better inform ourselves about the real needs of animals. Naturel Shelter offers you a CBD oil devoid of THC in order to preserve the psychoactive actions of your pet.

We take care of the well-being of your pet, since our oils are produced according to specifications in accordance with veterinary and European standards, relating to CBD articles. You can therefore favor our CBD oil which will act as a food supplement to relieve neck pain in your dog.