Anxiété séparation chez le chien

End separation anxiety in your dog with CBD

Some dogs can't stand the separation from their mother or siblings. In addition, sometimes they fail to live alone in the absence of their masters. In all these cases, your animal will certainly manifest behavioral problems that are notorious or not automatically detectable.

These symptoms are calledseparation anxiety in dogs. If necessary, you must worry about his state of health in order to prevent him from repeating such crises. Of course, a veterinary diagnosis will be essential to make sure that it is indeed anxiety in dogs.

Once your certainty has been established, you can opt for a food supplement based on CBD to relieve your pet. In reality, it is an additional solution that will optimize the well-being of your companion and soothe him during your separations. A priori, you may not perceive the usefulness of cannabidiol in the management of dog anxiety. Yet at Natural Shelter, you will find effective products to calm your pet.

Natural CBD oil against dog anxiety

Natural Shelter is a Swiss company specializing in the development of CBD for animals. In fact, aware of the usefulness of cannabidiol for humans, we have decided to also benefit animal species, endowed with a endocannabinoid system. As a result, dogs are then eligible for the consumption of CBD products.

Through our extensive research, we have come to realize that hemp seed oil is very effective in relieving separation anxiety in dogs. Indeed, our food supplement is composed of CBD, cod liver oil, rapeseed oil, BHT sweetener and 0% THC.

Thanks to these elements, our oily galenic therefore carries vitamin E, omega 3 and many palatability factors for the good health of your pet. As recommended for all our CBD oils, administer this also in doses of 2 mg per kg, each day.

How CBD Combats Dog Anxiety?

From the above, CBD is highly recommended for relieving separation anxiety in dogs. In fact, as soon as your pointer consumes our sublingual oil, the cannabidiolic components it contains automatically interact with its receptors. The molecule then triggers the secretion of serotonin by the brain. This neuromodulator then regulates and normalizes the heart rate of the animal, which makes it regain its good mood. From the first intake of our solution, you will already notice the well-being of your companion.

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Behavioral disorders vary depending on the animal's environment. Indeed, if you transport an anxious dog in the car, the latter will tend to escape by scratching the window of the door. He can also urinate and defecate in the car, which he was not used to.

At home, dog anxiety can manifest as trashing objects, excessive barking, self-harm and hyper salivation. You can then quickly place an order via our online store to obtain our CBD oil for dogs.