Chien cancer

CBD oil for cancer in dogs

Veterinarians agree on the subject: CBD benefits humans and also animals. CBD intervenes to relieve many disorders, but also diseases such as generalized cancer in dogs.

Specially formulated to improve animal health, Natural Shelter's CBD oil is a valuable cancer remedy. Entirely produced in Switzerland and Swiss certified, this oil is extracted from a variety of hemp without THC.

This dietetic product of natural manufacture is likely to help improve the vital capacities of a dog with cancer. What is the real impact of this product on the canine and how should it be administered to preserve the integrity of the animal?

The real effect of CBD on cancer in dogs

With the success of CBD among vets, some dog owners consider the psychoactive substance to be a miracle cure for cancer. At Natural Shelter, we stay realistic about the real effects of CBD. Whether it is a skin cancer or a liver cancer, CBD will help relieve pain.

CBD indeed has therapeutic virtues that can slow the disease by strengthening the immune system. As such, our oil promotes the self-destruction of cancer cells and prevents them from reproducing. By blocking the progression of the disease, CBD optimizes the effectiveness of clinical treatments and helps contain cancer.

The recovery time becomes shorter and the dog can take medication better. The effects of CBD are felt even more in more serious conditions such as pancreatic cancer in dogs. The more severe the cancer, the more receptive the animal is to the benefits of CBD. With regular administration of our quality CBD oil, you will be able to alleviate all of the symptoms that accompany cancer in canines.

These include, among others:

  • Chronic pain:
  • Behavior change caused by stress;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Vomiting ...

Our natural formula is an analgesic, an anxiolytic, an antiemetic which improves digestion, reduces pain and acts on the sleep of dogs. It is a relaxant that calms your pet, makes him softer and him provides a feeling of relaxation general. It acts in support to improve the quality of life of the dog during its treatment.

The best dose to get results

The administration of our CBD oil is done sublingually, the best method to have effects within 20 minutes. The dose to be administered to the dog will vary depending on the type of cancer it develops and its overall condition.

In terms of spleen cancer for example, it is best to refer to the dosage recommended by the veterinarian. Otherwise, we advise you to perform a gradual dosage according to the behavior of the animal. CBD Natural Shelter Oil is completely harmless to dogs. Due to the lack of THC, the product has no no psychotropic or side effects.

Rely on a product made especially for dogs to improve the quality of life of your 4-legged friend. Rich in vitamins and omega 3s, Natural Shelter's CBD oil features cravings that will make administration easier.

Your dog may be impatiently waiting for the time to consume this pleasant oil both in taste and smell.