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How to get rid of back pain in horses?

The horse's back is its main asset, but it can cause pain, making riding impossible. Under these conditions, a fast support of your pet is necessary. However, you should prioritize CBD products to relieve back pain in your horse.

For information, thanks to the extensive scientific research on hemp, doctors have revealed that CBD is also suitable for animals, especially mammals and fish. In addition, more refined studies have also confirmed its effectiveness in combating low back pain in horses.

In fact, you can get the CBD oil produced by Natural Shelter to relieve your equine from this pain. In reality, our Swiss Label certified oils are the result of a transparent process, respecting the standards in force. They are above all without THC, a substance known to be psychoactive. But before contacting us for the delivery of our CBD food supplements, you must get to know the causes and symptoms of low back pain in horses.

Causes and symptoms of back pain in horses

Certain equipment, when placed on the horses, makes it possible to practice riding comfortably. These include the saddle, the bit as well as the hardware.

However, if they are of poor quality or unsuitable for the horse's morphology, this equipment can cause back pain. In addition, regular falls and dental pain can also be the basis of this sensation in the back of the equine.

But how do you know if your dog is suffering from back pain? In reality, some unusual behavior of your running companion may indicate discomfort in the back.

You should therefore quickly contact a veterinarian if your animal:

  • reacts to strapping;
  • Gallops less quickly;
  • camps frequently;
  • often stumbles;
  • hollow back ...

It will then be up to the doctor to confirm the diagnosis. In the meantime, you can relieve your horse's back pain with our CBD oil.

A 100% natural sublingual treatment

At Natural Shelter, we prioritize the well-being of your equines through a natural solution that meets your expectations. In fact, while the competition opts for CBD products mixed with other chemicals, we favor a 100% organic solution for your pet.

To do this, the production of our food supplements for horses follows well-defined specifications and validated by the largest association of veterinarians in Switzerland. This principle is also in accordance with our different commitments in terms of traceability and quality.

CBD oil for back pain relief

Thus, we offer you products based on extracts of CBD, soybean oil, rapeseed and copra. So many natural substances that preserve the health of the animal. Better still, this gentle solution will not only relieve the horse's back pain. The CBD will bring it more tone, for more performance. In addition, it is administered sublingually, which allows its good distribution in the blood and therefore optimal efficiency.

We also make our food supplements available to veterinary sector professionals. So, if you are a veterinarian or a horse professional, you can contact us.