Chat qui tremble

Why is my cat shaking?

Your is the cat shaking in an unusual way ? He may be showing clinical signs of anxiety or a serious pathology that you should quickly remedy. Known for its effectiveness, Natural Shelter CBD oil can calm a trembling cat.

This compound rich in relaxants helps calm your cat's muscle contractions. Our dietary supplement rich in cannabidiol was formulated in the Swissvet Group laboratories. They guarantee a premium quality product with 0% THC. The soothing action of its main molecule on the cat's body has convinced many owners who have definitely adopted it.

What causes the tremor in your cat?

The appearance of tremors in cats can be the result of a natural process, as well as indicating the presence of a sometimes serious condition. Indeed, this symptom seems normal when your pet is cold. This is justified by a thermal contrast between his organism and the ambient temperature. It is the same when he is overexcited or when he is in a state of stress or even insecurity.

In older cats, fatigue and joint pain can also cause tremors. In this case, the muscle contractions only affect certain parts of your friend's body. He becomes much more immobile, walks with difficulty and lacks appetite. On the other hand, when you observe convulsions followed by loss of consciousness, it is very likely that your cat is suffering from a neurological disorder, the most common of which is epileps.

ie. During these crises, the tremors are accompanied by hypersalivation. We note in more serious cases, the appearance of symptoms such as fever, cough, nausea, diarrhea and even dilation of the pupils. In many of these circumstances, the veterinarian may recommend CBD oil.

How to administer CBD oil to your trembling cat?

Natural Shelter Swiss-grade CBD oil is proven to ideal for relieving the cat prone to involuntary muscle contractions. Administered orally, it balances the functions of the brain and allows your friend to find calm in case of anxiety. It is an effective analgesic to soothe joint pain and alleviate fatigue. It promotes muscle relaxation and speeds up the recovery of the trembling cat.

Combined with a pharmaceutical treatment prescribed by the veterinarian, our hemp oil calms the symptoms of serious conditions in your companion. Natural Shelter CBD oil helps reduce the intensity of epileptic seizures and decrease their frequency. The effectiveness of the product is already felt from a dose of 2 ml of oil administered per kilogram of the weight of the cat. If you want to speed up the effects, we suggest you apply it under your friend's tongue using the syringe that comes with the bottle.

However, it should be noted that the dosage varies depending on the diagnosis of the veterinarian and the condition detected. L'cbd oil Natural Shelter benefits from the Swiss Label certification. You can order the product directly online so that your cat quickly regains its form and good mood.