Huile de CBD pour chat

CBD oil for cats: what are its benefits?

The cat is a playful animal, but its attitude can change dramatically when it is anxious or insecure. In the face of a change in behavior, we suggest the Natural Shelter CBD oil for cats.

Of natural manufacture and made from cannabidiol, CBD oil will spread its benefits throughout your hairball body and soothe it quickly and effectively. Cats have the same endocannabinoid system as humans. So when he consumesCBD oil without THC, the active component will land on its cannabinoid receptors. CBD will calm their stress and anxiety, act on their sleep, strengthen their immune system, and calm muscle pain.

Why do you always have to have our CBD cat formula?

In certain situations, a cat can be agitated, aggressive or stressed. These behaviors can appear during travel or when in an unfamiliar environment. THE'CBD oil for cats is a good remedy to use in these different cases and allows in particular to calm the animal during transport.

How does this natural formula work? This oil works directly on receptors in the brain that regulate your cat's mood, leaving it feeling serene. The tetrahydrocannabidiol or THC, responsible for the psychotropic effects, is removed during the preparation of the oil so that your cat is protected from it.

Our CBD-based formula is also a real booster for your pet's health, because it has analgesic and anti-convulsive properties. It strengthens the cat's body defenses in many cases. In addition, veterinarians prescribe theCBD oil for cat owners in IVF who are looking for effective therapeutic products without side effects.

How to administer our CBD cat oil for a quick response?

Stress is a state of discomfort that can have other effects on your pet's health. To prevent complications and ensure you continue to have a good time in her company, you can switch to Natural Shelter CBD Cat Oil. The owners who have already experienced these psychological states in their cat participated in its formulation. Having experienced its effectiveness, they highly recommend it.

For the well-being of your companion, the CBD oil for cats Natural Shelter should be administered following a specific dosage. As a priority, you must refer to the prior opinion of the veterinarian. The dosage to be used remains proportional to your cat's weight, at the rate of two drops of oil per kilogram of her current weight. For quick action, the oil should be applied under the tongue of your hairball.

With its pleasant flavor, it passes directly into the blood through the capillaries located there. And to make dosing easier for you, each bottle comes with a pipette. Do you want a quality natural product for your cat? So opt for the Natural Shelter solution available on our shop.