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Using CBD to Treat Cancer in Cats: Should You Believe?

Evidence from numerous scientific studies confirms the positive effect of CBD on the progression of cancer.

Following in-depth analyzes on the subject, Natural Shelter has developed 100% natural CBD oils. Made from organic hemp production, these products act on the endocannabinoid system of cats to maintain the balance of their body.

Support for the immune system

the cancer in cats like in humans results from an abnormal increase in certain cells that gradually destroy tissues and organs. It weakens the body and reduces its defenses, which leads to a rapid progression of the disease.

The signs of cancer vary depending on the type of condition. You can recognize the skin cancer in cats through heavy hair loss, wounds that last for several months or a change in skin color.

In case of kidney cancer, the animal may present:

  • Urinary disorders;
  • Drastic weight loss;
  • Decreased appetite;
  • Breathing difficulties ...

It is the same for the digestive cancer in cats which induces apart from the previous ailments, vomiting or diarrhea. When cancer is caught early, it can be remedied and animals can be cured.

Cannabidiol intervenes to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells without suppressing existing metastases. No comprehensive study guarantees its ability to cure cancer.

Rather, it is known to slow the progression of the disease by strengthening the immune system. Carcinogenic cells multiply indefinitely because the phenomenon of apoptosis which leads to their self-destruction is blocked. By promoting the formation of ceramide, CBD accelerates cancer cell death and decreases tumor vascularity.

If cancer creates tumors in animals, it is possible to limit their development with precise dosage cannabidiol. A feline that undergoes chemotherapy or radiation therapy will experience faster improvement in health.

Natural Shelter CBD oil to bring comfort to your cat

The interest in the link between CBD and cancer in cats also lies in the ability of cannabidiol to decrease the symptoms of the disease. Cancer is as bad for cats as it is for humans. Felines also face anxiety, various aches and pains, loss of appetite. Treatment against bowel cancer at the cat adds to this wreath of symptoms, sore throat or heartburn.

To help your cat withstand the medical treatment, you can choose Shelter Natural CBD Oil specially designed for cats. Carefully created in strict compliance with current standards, our CBD-based product effectively alleviates the ailments caused by anti-cancer medical solutions.

Its active compounds bind to the cannabinoid receptors of the cat then trigger the secretion of substances that go improve general well-being. Thanks to its analgesic properties and its antiemetic action, your companion is calmed because he experiences less pain.

You will also notice a decrease in the frequency of vomiting in favor of an increased appetite. In addition, the powerful anxiolytic effects of our CBD oil allow the animal to regain its sleep and gain tranquility.

We offer natural oils without THC, containing a dose of cannabidiol suitable for cats. Do you want to strengthen and relieve your cat with cancer? Order Natural Shelter CBD Oil to improve your quality of life.