Crise d'épilepsie chez le chien

Dog epilepsy attack what to do?

If you live with a dog that has epilepsy, you are very likely to be dreading the next seizure. When the seizures become frequent or last more than 3 minutes, you must react as soon as possible in order to relieve it. You wonder how calm a seizure in your dog ?

Choose Natural Shelter CBD Oil to improve your dog's well-being. In addition to the cannabidiol and vitamin E, our formula contains Omega 3. This fatty acid plays an important role in the brain. It fluidifies the exchange of nerve signals at the level of CB1 receptors present in your companion. It promotes the development of cognitive functions. Thus, its consumption helps prevent epileptic seizures in dogs and keep the animal in good shape.

Why use CBD to decrease epileptic seizures in dogs?

A 2019 study conducted by neurologist Stephanie McGrath of the University of Colorado found that 89% of dogs with epilepsy experienced a reduction in the frequency of seizures after treatment with CBD.

In the same perspective, several other scientific publications and testimonials from dog owners confirm that this extract of the hemp plant allows:

  • prevent epileptic seizures;
  • calm convulsions at the very moment of their occurrence.

The effectiveness of CBD oil against seizures is explained by the interaction of its active ingredients with endocannabinoid receptors, which are found in both dogs and humans. So, each dose given to your animal intervenes on the entire neural network connected to its cerebral cortex and soothes muscle contractions.

Oil rich in cannabidiol does not present any risk of intolerance or side effects. This is why many veterinarians recommend it for relieving epileptic seizures in dogs. Likewise, several dog owners have adopted it to boost the health of their companions.

4 reasons to prefer Natural Shelter CBD oil to relieve epileptic seizures in dogs

Do you want to ensure a better quality of life for your friend? The CBD oil offered by Natural Shelter fully meets your needs for four reasons. First, it was developed by Swissvet Group, the largest group of veterinary practices in Switzerland. This cooperation of animal health professionals has made it possible to obtain veterinary-medically acceptable formula.

Second, Natural Shelter guarantees the traceability of its CBD oil produced according to Swiss standards. This assumes the use of best processing practices. These include first the careful selection of organically grown cannabis leaves and then obtaining a produced with 0% THC.

Third, each CBD formula offered for sale on our E-shop has several phases of control endorsed by owners of dogs prone to epileptic seizures. These attest to the benefits of our compound on their animals and its effectiveness in calming the intensity of contractions. Fourth, the Natural Shelter brand enjoys Swiss Label certification.

This recognition is only awarded to products manufactured on Swiss territory using procedures specific to that country. It therefore raises our CBD oil among the treatments premium quality to calm epileptic seizures in dogs. So choose Natural Shelter CBD oil for your epileptic dog, by visiting our CBD online store.