Vomissement du chien : quelles solutions ?

Dog vomiting: what solutions?

Does your dog vomit or often feel the urge to do so? Has abdominal convulsions or regurgitates after eating? You can react quickly to these symptoms by giving him theCBD oil from Natural Shelter effective against vomiting in dogs.

Extracted from a hemp plant, our formula contains cannabidiol, a molecule that stimulates receptors in your hairball's digestive system. CBD can relieve all feelings of nausea and improve the general health of your loyal friend.

What Causes Vomiting in Your Dog?

Vomiting is a rather common phenomenon in domestic canids. It often occurs after a meal swallowed too quickly or poorly digested. It manifests itself by a simple rejection of food eaten a few minutes earlier. However, when this vomiting causes the dog's abdomen to contract, the first reaction is to observe the contents of the vomit. If your dog vomits yellow, this bile staining could be explained by the presence of a foreign body in the stomach.

In this case, it could release a yellowish or greenish mixture with other materials such as grass, household product residue. These signs can also appear during a change in diet, during medication or as a result of motion sickness.

However, when the dog has diarrhea or is vomiting are accompanied by fever, you can relieve your pet with CBD oil from Natural Shelter. This preparation relieves nausea and related clinical signs.

Why adopt our CBD oil to appease your friend?

Your dog vomits bile or does he reject poorly digested food? Swiss-grade Natural Shelter CBD Oil is a compound known to be effective against vomiting or regurgitation in your pet. Administered by mouth to your friend, it restores the normal functioning of his digestive system.

Carefully designed in the laboratories of the Swissvet Group, our oil to soothe dog vomiting is the result of collaboration between veterinarians and dog owners. Before being placed on the market, it undergoes several phases of tests which reveal its benefits on the animal's digestive system.

It meets the standard of manufactured products and enjoys Swiss Label certification, indicators that attest to its reliability. Also, Natural Shelter's cannabidiol oil does not contain any trace of THC. Therefore, it does not cause no side effects in your pet. On the contrary, it allows him to hold himself better and stimulates his appetite.

Thus, after the disappearance of nausea and abdominal spasms, the dog finds pleasure in eating. For all your Natural Shelter CBD Oil orders, take a look at our Online Store and discover our CBD oil for dogs.