Complément alimentaire pour chien

Food supplement for your dog

Is your dog elderly? Does he have joint pain or disease? Giving her a supplement to strengthen her health may benefit her. To energize your dog or relieve pain, Natural Shelter offers you a 100% natural dog food supplement based on cannabidiol oil.

CBD relieves several ailments (stress, muscle pain, vomiting, etc.). Natural Shelter's ambition is to offer your pet maximum comfort thanks to proven formulas. Indeed, CBD is illustrated every day as a major discovery for the pet welfare. We use the expertise of our experienced and recognized veterinarians to certify the reliability and effectiveness of our formula.

Why choose a dietary supplement containing CBD for your dog?

This food supplement consists ofoil rich in cannabidiol, a molecule found in cannabis. Better known as CBD, it is appreciated for its multiple beneficial effects on the endocannabinoid system of dogs. More precisely, it is the receptors responsible for mood, movement and memory that benefit from its effects.

A senior dog often develops fatigue behaviors, such as abnormal immobility or unusual chewing of objects. This is often because his joints and kidneys are weakening or he suffers from osteoarthritis. It may also be a state of anxiety or depression.

Thus, your companion may need a backup solution if he:

  • isolates himself more and more;
  • adopts an unusual posture;
  • manifests hostility to physical contact;
  • barks excessively;
  • etc.

CBD therefore appears to be one of the best natural solutions that provides complete relaxation for your dog. Its presence in essential oils helps to effectively treat the ailments of your pet.

What to know about Natural Shelter's CBD oil?

The Natural Shelter dog food supplement is a premium oil. This combines active ingredients that exert a powerful action on the entire body of mammals. The result of collaboration between veterinarians-researchers and dog owners, our formula is a analgesic and an effective anxiolytic.

Our product is free from any psychoactive component. Enriched with CBD, it also works to rebalance your loyal friend's diet. Our oil also helps prevent and relieve joint pain. For example, the formula serves as relieving osteoarthritis and also acts against stress, anxiety and lack of appetite. Produced in Switzerland by CBD specialists, our top quality food supplement effectively replaces any food supplement in your pet.

Whether it's supporting the treatment of an ailment or just supporting your dog's health, Natural Shelter's CBD Oil comes in helpful ways. Our formula is validated by many dog owners. You can administer it for improve your dog's diet and strengthen his immune system.

So choose Natural Shelter to support your companion. Is this your first purchase from us? Take advantage of our free delivery offer.