Calmant pour chien anxieux

Calming for anxious dog

Is your dog aggressive towards other dogs or strangers? Does he avoid physical contact? To overcome such behavior in your pet, Natural Shelter offers you a tranquilizer for dogs which has demonstrated its effectiveness with its users.

Our Calming essential oil for dogs is the result of collaboration between dog owners and laboratory specialists. It is used in case your companion has unusual or chronic ailments, restlessness or reduced mobility. Its composition and its virtues make it a preferred substance for the physical and psychological health of your dog.

When to use Natural Shelter dog tranquilizer?

Several contexts justify the use of our solution made with oil enriched with cannabidiol. Is your hairball moving less and less after a fall? Your dog is not very mobile because of his advanced age?

These could be signs of pain in:

  • joints;
  • muscles ;
  • or even osteoarthritis in dogs.

In these cases, our dog pain reliever works as a powerful pain reliever that relieves his pain and strengthens his immune system. Likewise, our formula is a real adjuvant to calm your dog in case of agitation. Faced with strangers or a new environment, your pet seems panicked or on the defensive? The veterinarians certify that CBD oils effectively act as sedatives for aggressive dogs with quick effects.

Our sublingual oils are also used to calm your anxious friend during a trip. Your dog may show signs of stress when traveling.

THE'CBD oil from Natural Shelter interacts with the receptors responsible for the mood in your companion to bring him more serenity. So you will find your dog calm during the whole car ride.

What guarantees the reliability of our CBD products?

Natural Shelter is at the heart of its priorities to help improve the state of health of your loyal friend. For this, we work on a daily basis to offer very effective sedatives for dogs in the form of CBD-rich oils made in Switzerland. Our solutions respect good manufacturing practices. All our formulas are the result of the know-how of the first network of veterinary practices in French-speaking Switzerland, the Swissvet Group.

Our products benefit from the Swiss Label certification, an indicator of quality and reliability that you will find on each bottle of our CBD oils. We thus guarantee the traceability of all our products. Cannabidiol is the only active molecule in our formula. Our oils contain no trace of psychotropic substances, pesticides or heavy metals.

Our essential oils will be beneficial to meet the needs of your faithful companion. Do you want to see your dog full of energy and in a good mood? Access our Online Store, order him his CBD calming from today.