Comment soulager l’arthrose du chien ?

How to relieve osteoarthritis in dogs?

Your pet has difficulty moving, frolicking and having fun because of osteoarthritis? Natural Shelter recommends its natural CBD oil to improve the mobility of your companion and make him regain his enthusiasm.

Made from cannabidiol and free of any psychoactive molecule, CBD oil is used in the natural treatment of the inflammatory effects, bone and joint ailments that can be seen in domestic dogs, including osteoarthritis. How do you use it to relieve your dog?

Recognize and naturally treat osteoarthritis in dogs

THE'bone disease that the elderly suffer from can also be found in animals and especially in dogs. Osteoarthritis in dogs can change their behavior: there is difficulty in moving and a tendency to avoid physical contact. To deal with them effectively, Natural Shelter provides you with a CBD-based food supplement that will calm your dog's pain.

Known for its many properties, cannabidiol or CBD relieves pain from any source. This molecule with active ingredients prized for its effectiveness against pain is recommended to calm the symptoms of osteoarthritis in dogs. Extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD has the advantage of relieving the effects of osteoarthritis.

His anti-inflammatory properties allow your dog to get up and recover gradually. The cannabidiol molecule present in this food supplement does not have any trace of THC, which makes it the ideal natural solution to relieve your dog.

Dosage and use of Natural Shelter CBD oil

Several veterinary tests attest to theeffectiveness of CBD against osteoarthritis in mammals. Thus, to relieve osteoarthritis in your dog, Natural Shelter offers an oily dosage formula to be administered to your animal sublingually. CBD oil contains all of the natural biochemical components needed to work against your pet's bone disease. Natural Shelter suggests that you regularly use the oil sublingually at a rate of 2 mg / day and per pound depending on your dog's weight.

Contact your veterinarian to learn more about the distribution of dosage per day to maximize the effectiveness of the product. Do you want to revitalize your dog? Order now and quickly receive CBD oil to soothe your loyal friend's osteoarthritis.