Solution pour chien stressé

How to calm your stressed dog?

Do you experience anxiety, fear, or even irritability in your dog? Certain situations or changes can causeanxiety in dogs.

To relieve this condition, Natural Shelter provides you with CBD oils that help calm the animal. Our formula enriched with cannabidiol constitutes a natural calming to relieve your anxious dog. Its active ingredients act on specific nerve receptors which improves their mood and behavior, then gives them confidence and serenity.

Recognize stress in your dog and relieve his anxiety

The state of stress in dogs manifests itself in several ways and most often depends on your pet's predispositions. Whether temporary or chronic, anxiety creates a psychological and physiological change followed by a change in the behavior of your companion. The dog can then refuse to feed, become agitated and aggressive, run away repeatedly, salivate excessively, etc.

To help your animal, you need to identify the causes of the observed change in its reactions. One of the potential reasons could be a difficult adjustment to the arrival of a new family member. Some dogs are also stressed after moving, after separation, etc. In the car, your dog may also lack serenity.

Once you have identified the reasons for its unusual condition, you can resort to solutions that will ensure that you calm your dog. Veterinarians advocate dietary supplements based on CBD to restore the good mood of their loyal friend. This is what Natural Shelter offers you through its CBD-based oils that bring total well-being to your companion.

Natural Shelter's CBD oils: the optimal solution to soothe your stressed dog

the cannabidiol Where CBD constitutes a cannabis molecule, devoid of any psychotropic effect. Thus, our oils containing this molecule have well-being properties for mammals, in particular relaxing properties. They represent a real anti-stress for dogs. Before they went on sale, Natural Shelter carried out a series of tests. This allows us to offer our customers the best 100% natural CBD oils, very effective as solutions for stressed dogs.

Our essential oils produce a positive interaction with the endocannabinoid system and optimal effects. Because of their taste, you can easily administer them to your pet. For immediate results, apply Natural Shelter oils directly under your dog's tongue. You can also pair it with meals or sweets.

Based on several studies, our scientists recommend a dose of 2 mg of CBD per kilogram per day for calm the anxiety of your faithful companion. Your vet may vary this dosage depending on your dog's breed and stress level. Adopt our Natural Shelter CBD oils Swiss Label certified to soothe your friend's anxiety so that they can enjoy their pleasant company on a daily basis.