L'huile CBD pour votre chien

CBD oil for your dog

Are you looking for a natural solution to relieve your dog's anxiety or stress? You will find at Natural Shelter, a natural oil composition based on CBD very effective in soothing your dog.

Resulting from the synergy between veterinarians and research laboratories, the dietary intake of CBD is full of active ingredients that are effective against your dog's chronic or temporary ailments (osteoarthritis, pain, stress, etc.)

The properties of our CBD oil for the health of your dog

Is your pet's physical and behavioral state changing in any unusual way? Such instability could be explained by an emotional reaction to a change of environment or by muscle discomfort. In either case, theCBD oil with relaxing properties is one of the best solutions to consider.

When faced with a dog exhibiting restlessness, anxiety, or aggression, CBD-rich sublingual oil works as an effective tranquilizer ... as a effective calming. Natural Shelter's CBD Oil is made up of molecules that regulate your dog's endocannabinoid system, heart rate, breathing, and all of the clinical signs related to his condition. If your dog is prone to chronic seizures, you need to think about it. relieve spasms that run through his body.

With its instantaneous action, CBD oil for dogs with epilepsy is equally effective for muscle contractions, its absorption by the body having a direct effect on the nervous system. Also find at Natural Shelter, CBD oil to support the immune system of your dog with serious illness. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and the nutrients of CBD, this solution will boost your pet.

Why prefer our CBD oil for dogs?

Natural Shelter's CBD oil comes from the Swiss laboratories of Babylon Sciences SA. Recognized for the quality of its products, it is a company that has been engaged for several years in the quest for natural solutions dedicated to well-being. After the veterinarian's diagnosis, the use of solutions containing CBD from Natural Shelter will increase the curative effects of the clinical treatment prescribed to your dog.

CBD oil delivers beneficial molecules into the body and provides your dog with full and lasting comfort. CBD oil respects a dosage proportional to your dog's weight, and recommends 2mg / kg. A few drops are therefore sufficient under the tongue of your animal according to the prescribed frequency and according to the ailments to be treated. So, revitalize your dog's daily life by opting for CBD oil from Natural Shelter.