Cheval agressif CBD

Calm Your Aggressive Horse Using CBD Oil

If you own a horse, you are certainly proud of the bond that exists between you and your animal. However, it is possible that your horse suddenly becomes less cooperative or that it no longer supports the presence of other congeners at its side.

If so, you will notice your horse becoming aggressive in the box. To successfully calm him down, above all avoid being brutal or trying to subdue him at all costs. As an alternative, you can contact your veterinarian to better understand the causes of such a behavioral disorder.

At the same time, administer a solution based on legal CBD. Such a substance makes it possible to soften an aggressive horse. Natural Shelter offers you a 100% natural CBD oil perfectly adapted to horses.

A controlled selection of ingredients

A horse that is aggressive towards humans must be taken care of quickly. This is why we recommend a veterinary consultation, followed by the administration of our food supplements. We produce CBD oils from carefully selected ingredients.

We only exploit hemp whose seeds and finished product have been analyzed in the laboratory. This verification allows us to ensure that the plants have not undergone any treatment with pesticides. Then, we exclude all varieties containing THC, a psychotropic substance and therefore unsuitable for animal consumption. Finally, we collaborate with the best CBD specialists to offer you oily galenics validated by veterinary organizations.

CBD in its natural state for more efficiency

Our company is aware that CBD is effective only if consumed without synthetic substances. Therefore, we suggest that you calm your aggressive horse with our product which contains exclusively natural substances.

Indeed, at Natural Shelter, we guarantee you a sublingual oil for equines, composed of quality CBD, soybean oil, copra and rapeseed. All these elements put together make it possible to quickly obtain the desired result. In addition, our food supplement does not cause any side effects in animals.

The positive effects of cannabidiol on the organism of the aggressive horse

To better understand the impact of CBD on the state of an aggressive horse in the box, it will be necessary to research the causes of such a behavioral disorder. Indeed, equids were originally free-roaming animals. Their domestication has been done over the centuries, so as to accustom them to a closed environment and to make them carry out the orders of a master.

However, these animals retain some of their wild instincts, which they can manifest if they feel threatened. Their aggressiveness often results from stress related to confinement. It can also be a need to assert oneself or to intimidate the rider.

When such a crisis occurs, taking CBD makes it possible to obtain physiological balance in the body. The molecule interacts with the neurons and thus completely relaxes the horse. He then feels more reassured and therefore no longer needs to attack to defend himself.