Cheval stress CBD

Relax your stressed horse with CBD oil

Stress manifests itself in both humans and animals. However, in the latter case, you must quickly take care of your animal. Especially, when it comes to equines which are reputed to be very sensitive despite their apparent robustness.

Your horse is stressed, what to do? While waiting to inform you about the behavioral problems manifested by an anxious horse, you should know that a veterinary consultation is necessary for an accurate diagnosis. You can also relieve your equine by administering a dietary supplement based on CBD.

Treat yourself to a CBD oil to relieve your anxious horse

At Natural Shelter, we bet on natural inputs when developing all our CBD-based food supplements. Our cannabis plants come from Swiss agriculture. Their extracts retain all the nutrients contained in cannabidiol.

In addition, to quickly relax your anxious horse, we have added rapeseed, copra and soybean oil. In addition, we exclude the insertion of synthetic substances in our solution. As a result, you are guaranteed to find 100% natural products in our catalog.

Quickly detect the symptoms of anxiety in horses

Equines are competition animals par excellence. But a stressed horse in competition will perform less than usual. Reason why you absolutely must improve your well-being. Generally, the stress is due to the change of environment, the jolts during transport to the places of the race or the variation in their diet.

How do you know if your horse is indeed anxious? In a state of stress, your pet will behave in an unusual way by regularly grinding its teeth. It can also have a tic in the air or a tic in the bear. In addition, gastric ulcers and unexplained aggression are also typical manifestations of stress in horses. If necessary, our sublingual oil is then the ideal complement to relieve the animal, thanks to the relaxing effects of cannabidiol.

We are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified.

At Natural Shelter, we want to reassure our customers through the traceability of our products. Thus, we favor inputs of Swiss origin, a country with a great reputation in the CBD sector.

In addition, all our products are tested in the laboratory according to well-established specifications, before being marketed. All these procedures meet the requirements of international standards. Our certification « Good Manufacturing Practices » (GMP) thus comes to crown our rigor of production.

Follow our tips for the right dosage

For greater efficiency, you must strictly follow the dosage indicated by our technical services. Indeed, we recommend that you administer it under the tongue, 2mg per day per kilogram of our dietary supplement.

However, you can also respect the dose prescribed by your veterinarian, since he is also qualified to decide. Under these conditions, and in addition to appropriate veterinary care, your equine will quickly regain all its energy.