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Fight pain in your equine with CBD oil for horses

Horses are very active animals, however, despite their apparent resistance, equines are very sensitive to pain. They can feel them, following the various activities mentioned above. While waiting for a veterinary consultation and in addition to the solutions recommended by the doctor, you can already relieve it with the help of hemp oil for horses.

In reality, it is a product that many riders ignore, but which is very effective in relieving pain in animals, especially when it is of good quality.

As such, trust Natural Shelter, which offers you 100% natural CBD horse oil, thanks to which your equine will regain its usual spirit, after just a few days. To make this happen, we have chosen to stand out from the competition through our values and engagements.

Treat yourself to a THC-free CBD horse oil

Scientific research has proven that hemp is made up of more than a hundred chemical substances. Among these, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the most active components of this plant species. However, studies have shown that THC has psychoactive effects. As such, we offer you active hemp for horses with 0% THC. Instead of this prohibited substance, we have also strengthened our food supplements coconut, soy and rapeseed oil.

So many elements that will provide your pet with the necessary nutrients to always be in perfect health. In addition, our company makes sure to offer you a CBD oil for horses with Swiss certification.

In order to optimize the effectiveness of our solution, we have opted for a collaboration with the association of Swiss veterinarians as well as American and French scientists. Our goal is to offer a hemp oil specially designed for horses, and adapted to the needs of the equine to relieve pain.

Some signs of pain in your horse

But how do you know that your pet is indeed complaining of such sensations? At Natural Shelter, we are convinced that the well-being of a horse depends on the ability of its master to quickly detect its emotions and behavioral problems.

In this context, before purchasing our CBD oil for horses, check whether the animal:

  • Constantly pricks ears back;
  • Cramps to urinate;
  • Breathe rapidly;
  • Sleeps longer than usual;
  • Consistently refuses to back down;
  • Slows down when you need to speed up;
  • Frequently clenches his jaw...

In one of these cases, you can suspect pain in your equine. These can be due to excessive physical activity, back pain, osteoarthritis or ataxia. Whatever the origin of this feeling, you can therefore opt for our active hemp for horses.

How to administer our CBD horse oil?

CBD is obviously very beneficial for your animal. However, you must avoid an overdose which could damage the health of the horse. With this in mind, Natural Shelter has done extensive research on the appropriate doses to administer to equines.

From our analyses, we first understood that by consuming CBD oil in mode sublingual, the horse is quickly relieved of the pain. Then, we deduced that the total weight of the animal determines the daily amount of cannabidiol to consume. This is why we recommend that you have your companion swallow 2 mg per kilo of our CBD oil for horses daily.