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Using CBD as a Horse Painkiller

To earn the title of rider, you must take care of your horse's well-being. This also conditions its good performance during equestrian competitions, training or your walks.

From the first symptoms, you must learn to quickly realize the pain felt by your horse, in order to consider the appropriate solutions to relieve it. The sensations of pain weaken your companion and can cause behavioral problems. While waiting to inform you about these signals, know already that in addition to veterinary treatments, you can do you administer CBD to your equine in the form of sublingual oil.

CBD recommended for a category of animals

  Preferably, opt for a 100% natural product like those offered by Natural Shelter. Indeed, CBD oil will allow your horse to effectively benefit from all the recognized benefits of legal hemp.

Scientific studies have concluded that CBD can be consumed by animals with a cannabinoid system, just like humans. Since horses meet this criteria, you can therefore give them a dose when they feel pain. Even better, we recommend CBD oil which offers better bioavailability. This molecule manages to make your equine recover all its well-being.

How CBD Relieves Your Horse's Pain?

So be sure that CBD is a very effective painkiller for horses. But for this to be so, this substance works via a well-established process. Indeed, when you administer CBD to your animal, the product interacts with its CB1, CB2 receptors and the various enzymes in its body.

However, CB1s are mainly located in neurons and the spinal cord, considered to be the sites of pain. The substance ingested by your animal then acts on the system, so as to decrease the perception of pain.

As for CB2, which ensure the immune functions of the body, they are reinforced by the action of cannabidiol. In summary, by opting for our painkiller for horses, you relieve your horse while protecting it against possible infections. In addition, before contacting us to obtain our food supplement, here are the clues that will make you understand that your horse is feeling pain.

How do you spot pain in your horse?

You should consider giving your horse CBD if you find that it:
  • Frequently flapping the ears;
  • Suddenly becomes aggressive;
  • Regularly grinds teeth;
  • Rolls on the ground;
  • Consistently refuses challenges;
  • Feeds little;
  • Stiffens limbs;
  • Has an irregular croup…

The aforementioned behavioral disorders are often observed in a horse that suffers from pain.

However, other symptoms can also reflect similar sensations. It is therefore up to you to be attentive and have your animal diagnosed by a veterinarian. Whatever the cause of this pain, our 100% natural CBD oil relieves your pet.