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Natural Shelter guarantees a full product traceability, thanks to an integrated production, from the seed to the finished product. In particular, it meets the standard of products manufactured on a "Good Manufacturing Practices" or "GMP" production line, which certifies good manufacturing practices.

The quality of our raw materials is also one of our priorities. We therefore favor local sourcing in order to ensure the quality of our ingredients and to support local activity. All Natural Shelter products are therefore "Swiss Label" certified, which emphasizes that at least 90% of the ingredients are of Swiss origin.

Aware of the impact that growing cannabis can have on the benefits it can bring to your pet, we guarantee the quality of our key ingredient, CBD, by following strict specifications. The production of the raw ingredient is carried out in a controlled and analyzed manner (THC content, pesticide analyzes, heavy metal analyzes, etc.).

Natural Shelter is therefore committed to offering only products from controlled and controlled production.


Natural Shelter products have been developed in collaboration with veterinary specialists from the Swissvet Group, the largest group of Swiss veterinary practices, as well as their clients and patients. Various studies were also carried out in partnership with professors from the Tierspital in Bern and American specialists in the molecule.

After having specifically defined the needs of our pets from a behavioral but also pain relieving point of view, we have chosen to formulate our food supplements with a French company specializing in the sector.



Because Swiss know-how is unrivaled in terms of the quality of manufactured products; we have decided to manufacture 100% of our products on Swiss territory.

Our Natural Shelter food supplements are also distinguished by the Swiss Label marking affixed to each of them.