CBD products are present on the market today in various forms / galenics which allow different methods of administration but also different results in terms of efficacy.

At Natural Shelter after multiple tests, we now favor an oily galenic in sublingual administration guaranteeing the best rate of bioavailability in the blood and thus the best effect in your animal. Our complementary foods (0% THC) are designed to improve the well-being of your animal but also to satisfy its taste buds; our products are made with different palatability factors.

The amount of CBD to administer to your pet in order to achieve the desired benefits is of course a crucial topic in the quest for his well-being. Here again, at Natural Shelter, we support our recommendations on the basis of concrete tests and various case studies that have resulted in the current formulation of our products. This is why we recommend today an administration of 2 mg of CBD per day per kilo.

However, these dosages may change based on the advice of your veterinarian and the ailments addressed.

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