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frequently asked Questions

Do you test the quality and safety of your products?

Natural Shelter products have been developed in collaboration with veterinary specialists from the Swissvet Group, the largest group of Swiss veterinary practices, as well as their customers and patients. Various studies were also conducted in partnership with professors from the Tierspital in Bern and American specialists in the molecule.

Is CBD safe for animals?

CBD has proven itself in numerous studies. Even if the product in question is ingested in large doses, it does not prove harmful to animal health. However, it could have an effect on prescription drugs. If your pet is taking other medications, please consult your veterinarian before administering Natural Shelter products.

Will CBD make my pet dependent?

No, CBD is a natural, plant-based molecule, without the addiction factor demonstrated to date.

Can I use Natural Shelter oils in animals other than dogs and cats?

Absolutely. All animals have an endocannabinoid system that interacts with the benefits of the CBD molecule. You will soon find Natural Shelter products developed for new pets (NAC) and horses.

Where does Natural Shelter's CBD come from?

The CBD of Natural Shelter products comes from 100% Swiss hemp.

Where can I buy Natural Shelter products?

You can make your purchases from this website or find a point of sale on our page where to find us.

Are Natural Shelter products legal?

Our company fulfills all the requirements set by the various competent authorities.